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The First 5000 Words Writing Contest


Many readers decide very early on if they want to continue reading a book. Very few will press beyond the first 5000 words if they aren’t completely drawn in. Does your story have what it takes? These are the rules: First 5000 words only. Authors can cut the story off before the end of 5k…

CWWC Writing Contest


CWWC would like to announce our first writing contest. Prizes First Prize $50 Second Prize $30 Third Prize $20 All winners will be featured on the website and on the June 2016 Email Blast and will receive a digital book badge. This contest includes anything you’d like to submit, published or unpublished, to be judged…

Promotion Opportunity – 12 Days of Christmas Mega Giveaway


  Dear CWW members, This is your chance to get in our our 12 Days of Christmas Mega Giveaway. The goal of this promo is to build our Readers Club membership. These are the people we market to, so it is for the benefit of all of us to work on this. 1. For your…

Schedule an Interview/Giveaway

The CWW management team is excited to offer our members a new way to gain exposure to readers. We are now accepting requests for author interviews including a hosted giveaway. Here is what is included in the promotion: An interview post on our Christian Women Reader’s Club website that will include an inteview. This is a great…