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About Us

Who we are
We have members in our organization that are professional editors, best-selling authors from all genres, writers from multiple industries, as well as experts from other publishing services such as graphic designers. We have unpublished authors and women who have been working in this industry for years.
Our Mission
We are the Christian Women Writer’s Club, a professional organization of women Christian writers working toward a common goal, shining a light into a dark place. Our mission is to pool our resources and collective wisdom to help each other grow in our craft, build/expand our readership, and glorify Him in all that we do.
Membership Benefits
All members will reap the rewards of our collective knowledge and experience. Regardless of your membership level, we are here to stand with you in fellowship, encouragement, and prayer. Marketing tools are offered to both tiers of membership.


Welcome to the CIAN Christian Women Writers Club (CWW).

If you are here you have been invited by a fellow sister in Christ. We welcome you to a caring Christian environment. Please read our welcome charter below and prayerfully consider membership with us. The benefits to members are listed below. If you are a Christian Woman Writer we exist to help support you in your endeavors to share your God given message with the world. We have a variety of tools for you to use to help you do that. So please join us. At the bottom of this post you will find a link to register with us for either Free or Paid membership.

CIAN Christian Women Writers Club Welcome Charter

By Jen Gentry on Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 9:10am

Welcome to CIAN Christian Women Writers Club or CWW for short. We are so happy to have you here. We are a club of Christian Women Writers who come together to pray for each other’s success, to support each other’s endeavors to spread the message the Lord has called us to write, and for fellowship with like minded Christian Women.

Membership Code of Conduct

Members of the CIAN Christian Women’s Writers Club (CWW) are invited into a caring and loving Christian environment. We exist to support Christian Women of faith in their Writing. Member’s works need not be overtly Christian but should be clean writes that would not be offensive to the Christian Faith. To that end we expect all members to behave in a manner that is loving, caring, and supportive to other members. We are all adults and we should not have to spell out what that means.

To be a member of CWW one must be of the Christian faith. No exceptions.

One must conduct oneself in a Christ like manner.

One must not post anything that is offensive or not fitted for Christian viewing.

One must be considerate and respectful of others and not be rude or snide or hateful to other members. We all have the right to disagree but must do so respectfully.

Any infractions of the Club rules or group guidelines subject one to a warning and possible action including expulsion from the Club by the Club management.

If a member has any grievance at all they are encouraged to talk to any member of the management team about it and can post questions in the benefits group. You can email management here.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and is our source of truth. Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, came as a man but was still fully God. He was tempted but lived without sin, died, was buried, and rose again as the perfect sacrifice for sin. He lives today to intercede for us. Any books posted in this group should have perspective of  this message in some way.


All monies received from the CIAN Christian Women Writers Club (CWW) will be used for CIAN related activities including but not limited to the CIAN Conference, writers retreats, membership benefits including any activities necessary to maintain the Club. Money will be dispersed as deemed necessary by the officers including reimbursement of funds to Officers for travel or time put into the management of the Club but this requires approval from the management team. (Team Leaders, Chaplains, Officers)

If you have been invited by a fellow sister we ask you to prayerfully consider membership to CWW. We further request that you not ask your fellow sisters in Christ to share any work that goes against the core values of our Christian Faith. That does not mean your work must be overtly Christian but it should not be of greater than a PG-13 rating. And we ask that you adhere to the rules of membership conduct (see below) and the rules for each group as they are laid out in the group. Not adhering to the rules of conduct, including posting inappropriate material can lead to the member in questions removal from the Club.

Jen Gentry

This Charter is effective June 30, 2015 and is subject to change by the Officers of the Christian Women Writers Club any time as they deem necessary.


Basic Membership

Fellowship in the main group

Access to the prayer room

A copy of our quarterly newsletter

Discounts on advertising in our Reader's Group

Access to free webinars

Pro Membership

Includes everything in the Basic Membership

Access to our private critique group (join with editors and other authors to gain helpful and insightful critiques of your writing)

Access to our street team (includes unlimited support for Thunderclaps, Tweets, Book Launch Parties, and shares on Facebook)

Monthly Email Blast for your New Releases and Free books

FREE marketing opportunities on our Reader's website

Access to the member benefits room (this room will feature our monthly email blast to promote our member's new releases and free books, give aways for custom book cover designs, and edits. Members will also find files with our professional services listing for help with self-publishing, editing, and book cover design, and this is where members can find mentoring in a fellowship type setting from successful indie authors)

Direct Access to the team leaders and officers of CWW to assist you in any way we can to help you to be successful in the works the Lord has given you.

Webinars free to you and the opportunity to be a guest on a webinar to promote your work or services

Members will be included on our author's page on the website

Members have a chance to be spotlighted in author interviews on our Webpage. Each quarter the Officers of CWW will pick an outstanding member to be spotlighted