What is the difference between the free and the paid membership, besides the cost? For a full description of what is included in our basic and full membership tiers, please read our charter here.

What can I post on the Facebook page? The Facebook page is a place where all levels of membership can fellowship, seek guidance and encouragement, and ask writing related questions. We have opportunities for paid and free promotions here. We ask that you do not post ads of any sort. 

Why can't I access all the areas of the forum?  After you register for the forum, you will be assigned access according to your membership level. Basic members (free memberships) have access to the main area of the forum. To access the full members area, you must be a full member (paid membership). If you have paid your membership and still do not have access, please contact our webmaster here.

Who are the admins and team leaders, and how can I contact them? CWW has a wealth of experience on the administrative team.  To see a full listing of our administrative team, you can find the list here.

Who do I contact if I have a complaint or a question? You can contact any of our administrators and they would be willing to help you out with whatever question or complaint you have. Please find the full list of our administrators and team leaders here, along with their contact information. If you are having trouble with the website or forum, contact our webmaster here. If you are having a registration problem, please email our membership admin here.

If you would like to leave a general comment or question, please contact us here.


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